People Who Eat More Fat Rich Food Feel Socially Inferior

Munching on fattier foods, who knows, speaks a lot about your current socio-economic status.

A study conducted at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed that, the feelings of social inferiority compels you more to eat fat-rich foods such as burgers, pizzas etc.

The procedure of the study started by marking of the participants from high to low on economic spectrum and then made a wish-list of foods and what they desire to eat.

They were then offered a real buffet.

Moreover, the participants who lie at the lower end of the economic spectrum craved more to eat fat- rich food.

To my conscious, it makes sense.

There is no rocket-science involved. People who are below the average poverty line are lacking the provision of basic life necessities such as food, shelter etc. so, when they are offered food they tend to eat what fulfills their hunger and makes them feel fuller.

They ultimately run towards the fat-rich foods.

However, this relationship between food intake and socio-economic status may be associated with each other but it still remains unclear whether a personal experience of low socioeconomic status stimulates consumption of greater calories.

Lastly, it is revealed that the risk of obesity and weight –related conditions are also high among people who consume large chunks of fat.

In United States, more than 2 in 3 adults are obese and one-third of children and adolescent, aged 6 to 19, are considered to be overweight, according to National institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases (NIDDK).

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