Although mothers are usually blamed for the health of their children, it seems fathers may actually be responsible for handing down metabolic diseases to their children too. Obese fathers at the time of copulation are found responsible for the transferring of a gift of obesity — which is not a pleasant one obviously — to their offspring. So, hey guys, unborn fetuses out there, your future body shape and health status is also dependent on your father’s body fat profile and some other associated diseases.

“There has been very little attention paid to how a father’s health might impact his unborn child. A baby’s health has long been considered the mother’s responsibility as soon as she falls pregnant,” said scientists at the Victor Chang and Garvan Institutes in Sydney, Australia.

The former study based its conclusions after studying male mice. The researchers found the offspring of male mice who were obese developed liver disease and diabetes sooner than the other offspring, after following a western diet. On the other hand, the progeny of healthier mice remained healthy. The results suggest fathers are not free from the blame of a child’s bad health and may even influence the health of their children’s next generation, their grandchildren.

The current development is also verified by another study in which detrimental father’s lifestyle and eating habits are transferred to their children in the form of genetic makeup.

The revelations are especially worrying since a few days ago it came to light the Australian population is the most obese in the world i.e., two-thirds of the adults are obese, while they are in their reproductive age.