“Don’t trust your food!” I know I sound like a deranged lunatic or a 90s conspiracist with a lot of trust issues. But there are places serving dog meat and passing it off as lamb meat, supplements with poisonous components, brewing inside, then there is lead poisoning, and yet no opposition from the people.

Recently, Gel Spice, an importer and exporter of quality spices, recalled one lot of a product by the name of ‘Fresh Finds Ground Turmeric Powder’. Now you may be asking why a minor ingredient such as a cooking powder was ordered to be returned. Well, apparently, the product contained high levels of poisonous lead.

Do you know why we now have signs that clearly highlight the word ‘unleaded’ fuel when filling up on gas? Think about the fact that just inhaling this chemical was considered so dangerous that it had to be banned completely. Now imagine the fact that despite all the testing food items go through for approval, there are still lead infested products that make it to our kitchen counter.

Let me remind you of the harmful effects of lead. The short term effects of lead may include loss of appetite, anxiety, stomach cramps, pale skin, tiredness, headaches, and even coma. Long term exposure can result to anemia, nervous system damage, urinary problems leading to kidney disease, and reproductive impairment, meaning decrease in fertility.

I would just like to emphasize on the fact that silence is the lowest form of agreement with the government’s current policies. Issues like lead accumulation in food is a major dilemma that needs our utmost attention as it is a nationwide concern and should be brought to the attention of the government. Is anything in this world really safe?