Despite what anyone says love handles are not a measurement of the love you have boiling inside. They are big lumps of fat that frankly no one likes, let alone approves. Ever asked yourself how to I get rid of these annoying love handles and belly fat. Searching for hours on end on the internet, trying to find a remedy, looking for an easy weight loss hack? Well, look no further.

There are two types of fat namely, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat under your skin, distributed all over the body. And visceral fat is the one that surrounds the major organs such as the liver etc.

Get Rid Of Your Love Handles, Fast

The team from BBC’s “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor” conducted its own small scale research and experiment to find the perfect remedy for us laymen. They took 35 volunteers, divided them into 4 groups, 2 for dietary experimentation and the other 2 for exercising.

Every member from group 1 was fitted with an activity monitor and advised to eat normally but walk, go out and exercise a little on a daily basis. Group 2 of the exercising category was given everyone’s favorite online remedy for fighting belly fat, sit ups, 10-minute workout every day for the next six weeks. Of the dietary category, group 3 was requested to drink 3 glasses of milk a day and group 4 was given the simple task of reduced food consumption at each meal for the course of six weeks.

Group 1 didn’t lose any fat, but had reduced levels of blood glucose concentration whereas group 2 lost a surprising 2cm of fat from waistline due to a tighter core. Group 3 showed no change with neither their weight nor fat showing any fluctuations despite the extra 400 calories. Group 4 lost a ground breaking average of 3.7 kg of fat and reduced 5cm from waistline.

In conclusion, despite what online fitness gurus say, learn to eat less and move more because diet and exercise are synonymous with health and therefore need to be carried out simultaneously.