Forget about Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and popular dating platforms like Tinder, because there’s a new competitor in town by the name of PokeDates. A spinoff of the megahit Pokémon GO mobile game which granted us the gift of augmented reality, a concept which took the world by storm.

Now instead of going out and trying to catch Pokémon alone, you can now be lucky enough to be catching love – thanks to project Fixup, a pre-existing dating service. Here’s how it works: answer a few questions about yourself and what you are looking for in a Pokemate. And then after u get a million matches (which you sure will!), just coordinate a time and place to meet up and do what you love. It’s time to meet the Ash or Misty of your dreams!

We the Millennials have always been subject to criticism by our elders due to our binge watching, social networking and video gaming addictions which prevent us from going anywhere without a WiFi connection. This sort of antisocial, extreme introvert characteristics have been cut short by the revelation of ‘PokeDates’ and Pokémon GO which forces us to get off our butts and go out and explore a world full of endless possibilities.

We all know what a burden it is to find a person who is as geeky and dorky as us, with whom we can connect on a whole new level. This app allows you to meet new people, and most importantly it helps build your socializing abilities which is a remedy for a lot of mental disorders such as deep rooted depression. According to, socialization acts as a stress reliever as well.

Single? Ready to mingle, eh?