Grow A Beard To Increase Your Sex Appeal

Why did Brangelina split? Obviously because Pitt shaved his manliness off. Look kids if you’re anything like me and want to increase your chances of getting a realistic mother for your imaginary children then you might want to grow a beard.

A recent study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology found that growing a beard increases men’s sex appeal. Results showed that women view men with stubble as more attractive for short-term hookups than men with full beards, and who knows, this internship might lead to a full time job.



The researchers asked 8520 women to rate pictures of men in terms of physical attractiveness, for long term or short term relations. The researches had edited the photos to distort men’s facial hair to go from a clean shave look, then through light and heavy stubble, to a full beard.

The researchers also altered the men’s brow ridge, cheekbones and jawline so they appeared more or less masculine. Men who had more feminine faces were deemed less attractive than unaltered faces when both were clean-shaven, while extremely feminine-looking faces were judged as least attractive, along with extremely masculine faces. Hence, being too masculine ain’t anything to be proud of fellas, you might scare the ladies.

Overall, it seemed that men who had a bit of stubble were rated higher, for short term flings. They also said that strong masculine facial features, such as a pronounced brow ridge and prominent jawline, may signal underlying sexual health, which the women might take as healthy signs of fertility.

The study’s author said, “Sexual selection via female choice has shaped the evolution of male ornamentation in many species.”

In humans, the role of men’s characteristic masculinity is androgen-dependent; meaning features that points towards a high sex drive due to excess testosterone production, facial traits in determining men’s attractiveness has been an area of interest for many scientist for decades.

It been known for many years that beards may highlight men’s age, masculinity and social dominance, all features favored by women, as they point towards high survivability and adaptability, making them ideal mating partners in the long run.

Instead of putting all your efforts on those dumbbells, maybe try throwing out your razor, and grow a beard, hopefully you will be able to pull off the bearded look without looking like a hobo.

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