Google up ‘vegetarians are’ and the search engine will make the following predictions for the next word: ‘stupid, annoying, idiots, hypocrites, evil’. That just about sums up the condescending behavior non-vegetarians have to face and what keeps them from transitioning to the green side.

Unfortunately for us meat lovers, science usually has bad news. In a recent round of such apprehension, research shows that not only does eating meat raise the chances of you dying in specific ways (like heart disease or cancer), but also it has been linked to a generally higher mortality rate. As if that wasn’t enough, the study further goes on to reveal that eating plant proteins reduces the overall risks of death. The vegetarians had a field day.

But here’s what the hardcore vegetarians won’t tell: the recent paper also discovered that even tiny increases in your protein source via plants can prolong your life. A mere 3% rise of plant protein in your food can reduce your overall mortality by a strong 10%. Vegetarians often proclaim that you should have an all or nothing approach towards your diet but research seems to be proving otherwise.

If that makes you consider ramping up your vegie count, then you might want to look up the flexitarian diet, it helps you go green without giving up that delicious steak of yours.

Whether it’s precisely the protein in red meat that has adverse effects on your health, is not clear yet. However, we have known for a while that the high levels of sodium and compounds of nitrogen found in red meat explicitly do your body harm. Red meat also contains more saturated fats, the kind that’s infamous for worsening the condition of your heart.

So no matter how offensive vegetarians may appear to you, consider that they don’t have hegemony over healthy living and you shouldn’t shy away from eating what you now know to be vital for you.