Heroin Is More Dangerous Than Other Opioids

Opioid use disorder is an extremely serious illness that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Very few might know this but there are different categories of opioid addiction. According to the latest research, heroin use is linked with poorer prognosis, compared to prescription opioid abuse.

This study highlights that there are significant differences in delay discounting, which is the phenomenon of a reward being less valuable over time, in those with opioid use disorder based on primary opioid of use.

The phenomenon of delay discounting is linked with a variety of negative outcomes and is an important therapeutic target in this population.


The researchers evaluated individuals seeking to get treatment for opioid dependence via self-reported measures and the Monetary Choice Questionnaire, which is a way to measure delay discounting.

Participants were separated into two groups based on whether they used any heroin in the past 30 days or only prescription opioids, and delay discounting scores were compared between the groups. Group differences in sociodemographic or clinical variables were included in the analysis as possible covarying factors.

The findings show that heroin use is linked with greater health consequences than individuals suffering from other opioid use disorders.


What this signifies is the fact that heroin use still remains a big issue that hasn’t been dealt with properly. Moreover, this study also proves that while all opioid abuse is bad, heroin is worse than other opioid addictions.

An analysis of privately billed health insurance companies has found that insurance claims related to opioid dependence have risen by a whopping 3,200% from 2007 to 2014.


This study calls for better health reforms to be taken for opioid addiction, especially heroin which as the results show is far more damaging than other opioid addictions. Rather than deal with the addiction itself one should realize the underlying cause for a person to abuse such substances, which in most cases is usually psychological, in order to come up with a course of treatment.

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