HIV Patients Now Have A Love Guru Of Their Own

What is the very first thought that pops into your head when you hear the word “HIV”? Some might say Charlie Sheen while others may be quick to point out that this is a curse delivered upon the disgusting, lowlife sex addicts that hate the word ‘protection’. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, there is no way to prevent HIV from being transmitted from a mother to her unborn child. These innocent creatures of God haven’t got a shred of a clue what kind of a life they are in for.

Are you single, ready to mingle but have a deep dark illness that prevents people from getting to you? Well, fear not, because we have the perfect solution to all your lovey dovey problems.

Meet Ugochukwu Michael, the living, breathing Nigerian cupid himself, residing in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Better than Tinder, OKCupid and even more talented than the ‘million-dollar matchmaker’ herself, Patti Stanger, Michael helps reunite two souls suffering from HIV. I bet you haven’t heard of such a love guru until now. He is responsible for 100 marriages of HIV positive couples in recent years and has a huge line up of 7,000 clients ranging from 19 to 72 in the waiting list. He charges a $6 fee from the employed and provides a free service from the unemployed.

“One in thirty of every sub-Saharan African in Nigeria falls victim to AIDS,” says the UNAIDS program. By 2020, UNAIDS hopes that 90% of people with AIDS would know their status, 90% of diagnosed individuals would receive treatment and finally 90% of those with ongoing treatment would have suppressed levels of the virus in their bodies.

Imagine being diagnosed with a terminal illness and people looking down upon you as if you are the spawn of Satan. Today’s society has a very negative outlook when it comes to HIV. According to page 25 of the ‘’World Aids Day” 2015 report, 50% of men and women show discriminatory behavior towards victims of HIV.

In conclusion, people should be made aware of the struggles of an HIV patient, so they can learn to empathize instead of sympathize.

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