How Hormones Affect Women’s Decision Making

This might sound weird because I have always considered them to be the worst with directions but whenever you plan a journey across the seven seas or over the endless deserts, make sure you bring along a woman as your companion – and also as your navigator, for it has been found out that women are better than men to point you to the right direction because of the hormones that trigger the menstrual cycle.

Scientists at the Concordia University in Canada have pointed out that hormones influence problem solving in women. The study was led by PhD graduate Dema Hussain and they included 45 women who were at different phases of their menstrual cycle.

The participants were then given a verbal memory task, such as memorizing words, and a spatial memory task, such as finding the right path through a maze and both could be solved in many ways.



It was found that that women who were ovulating performed better on the verbal memory task and other women who were in their pre-menstrual cycle were better on the spatial memory tasks meaning that ovulating women will better remember the names of places while those about to ovulate will guide you with an expert hand. Good Bye, Tesla!

This experiment proved that women respond differently depending on where they were in their menstrual cycle.

Psychology Professor Wayne Brake, who co-authored the study says, “Women have sometimes reported to doctors that their memory works differently depending on which phase of the menstrual cycle they are in — even during and following pregnancy, or following menopause. This has led scientists to wonder whether estrogen and progesterone could affect memory and problem solving,”



The scientists say that more research is needed to broaden our understanding of the female brain and the effects of hormones on cognition and memory.

They also note that traditionally researchers have relied on male participants for their studies but we now know that women respond differently than women.

Therefore, it should be noted that men tend to follow certain rules and regulations, also known as “bro codes”, for getting along while women make up the rules on the way according to their needs.

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