The Human Heart Starts Beating Just 16 Days After Conception

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The joy associated with the birth of life are many. The fragile, delicate part of you that emerges after 9 months is the jewel and the apple of the eye of all parents.

So begins the innocent, carefree life of the little one. They stumble, they crawl, they cry and they weep. All part of normal growth and development. But it may come as a surprise that the pretty life of your little one started about a fortnight after you made the decision to have a baby.

That’s right. The heart starts beating on the 16th day of pregnancy. At this stage the heart is just a small tube pumping for all its worth.

But opinion is divided. It isn’t exactly clear if this happens on the 21th day, as previous study suggested. But a new study by Oxford University has concluded that 16 days it is.

Capturing the exact moment the human heart becomes live is quite difficult so they carried out these experiments by the second best option they had, mice.




Until now it has been found that mice heart start beating on the 8th day of pregnancy. After some wild calculations it comes to 21 days for a human.


However, after some more wild calculations the scientists concluded that the amount of time is 7.5 days in mice, which translates to 16 days in humans.

We have to congratulate whoever invented the formulas to calculate these findings.




Calcium plays an important role in triggering heart beats. So the scientists tagged these molecules and therefore pinpointed the exact time they made contact with heart muscles.

The first organ to form in the womb is the heart. So when the seat of life and love is formed, everything kicks into gear and things start happening, which become apparent after 9 months. And now thanks to this heart whelming research, we are one step closer to unlocking the secrets of the heart

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