I was always suspicious of products that have celebrity faces plastered on them, be it on billboards or TV ads. I wondered if the marketing and sales of a product is really affected, if, for instance, Selena Gomez is endorsing it. So when I started using Instagram, almost on a daily basis, such endorsements regularly made appearances on my Instagram newsfeed. I would be following the updates of a particular celebrity or a music band, and in one of their pictures there would be a not-so-subtle product placement shoved in. Yet, with a million followers of such high profile celebrities, such endorsements, it seems, do have an impact. I mean, a skeptic such as I, was almost convinced on trying Fitness Tea (FitTea) after I saw almost 6 of my favorite celebrities posting pictures of drinking that tea and praising it constantly.

Here are the top 4 products that are constantly praised and marketed by social celebrities on Instagram:

  1. FitTea

Fitness Tea claims to not only cause weight loss, it also burns fats, improves immune system as well as cleans our digestive system. A lot of benefits are being advertised in this product but by the end of it, with many using and explaining what it does to them, it’s nothing more than a glorified laxative. Does it get the job done? Sure. But does it also give you the added benefits it mentions, that’s still left up in the air.


@FitTea fuels my busy days on set! #PLL #Ad #FitTea

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  1. SugarBear Hair

It’s a hair vitamin that claims to make one’s hair healthy and shiny.

It offers an array of vitamins in its product such as vitamin A, B-6, B12, C, D, E as well as biotin, iodine and zinc to name a few. This product doesn’t differ from any other multivitamins offered, save for the addition of biotin, and yet its cost is extremely high compared to its competitors.


  1. Makefit

(Claims to consist of only organic products and herbal roots such as lemongrass peels, black pepper, ginger root, peppermint loose leaf tea, rosemary leaf, Senna leaf and more)

Keeping fit with some love from @matefitme #teatox #fitforfall

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  1. BooTea

It is yet another detox tea that is wildly endorsed by celebrities. However, many who used the product had only one common thing to say: They all suffered from extreme pain and delayed menstrual cycles as a result of this detox.

@ashleytisdale is ready to teatox! Order at www.bootea.com

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But just because your celebrity of choice is endorsing it, does that mean the product actually works? Should you blindly follow the social trends and enter such detox challenges? Or a better research is necessary before forcing your body into such health fitness regimens? You be the judge. Because remember the celebrities who endorse it aren’t doing it simply because it’s the best detox they’ve had or it has amazing results, they do it because they are paid thousands of dollars to market it.