Is Donald Trump’s Behavior Medically Okay?

The United States Presidential Election 2016 has been the source of news and at times entertainment for the past few months. The source of much controversy seemingly surrounds the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, who has been holding nothing back in his campaign.

Trump’s campaign has been in the media for all the negative reasons as he was often caught spouting off negative and controversial remarks regarding race and religion. His demagoguery has included labeling Islam as an extremist religion, calling all Mexicans as drug dealers and rapists while constantly vilifying his opponents and even reporters. His views on handling extremism include suggestions of throwing bombs on suspected families of terrorists, increasing torture practices beyond water boarding. He at one point has even publicaly proclaimed: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters, okay? It’s incredible.”

Such antics and his harmful rhetoric campaign have caused many to worry. His medical history, that claims that Trump would be the healthiest individual ever to stand for presidency, only talks of physical health. But is a good blood pressure and perfect weight simply enough in determining the overall health of a person?

“Donald Trump is not of sound mind. We can gloss over it, laugh about it, analyze it, but Donald Trump is not a well man,” says Steven Hayes, chief strategist to Mitt Romney Campaign 2012.

Claims have been made that Trump, if not anything else, suffers from a narcissist personality, where he enjoys self-praising, is unable to handle criticism and lacks empathy for others. With such personality defaults, when a person gets easily disgruntled and even makes light of killing someone, should we not be concerned? Shouldn’t investigating a bit further be paramount here?

After all, if he does win the election, this same man with his ideologies will have the codes to nuclear missiles and control over the great US army.

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