Do You Know How Many Calories You Burn During Sex? The Answer Will Surprise You!

Do you know you are always burning calories even when you are doing nothing?

For example, a 150lb person watching TV while sitting on a couch TV burns about 70 calories per hour but if they are sitting and talking to their significant other, they burn more calories – 102 calories per hour.

Surprising, isn’t it?


These stats can make up for a great excuse for you to binge watch your favorite shows or talk with your favorite person because you are in-fact subtly burning calories.

So let me now answer the question that is DEFINITELY at the back of your mind. You are thinking about sex (don’t deny it) and want to know how many calories you burn making love with someone?

The answer is – merely 21 calories in 6 minutes. Sorry to burst your bubble, peeps!


But hang on to your knickers, you burn more calories when you orgasm!

But before we get to the climax (figurative, not the sexual climax – that part comes at the end) part, you need to know that the 21 calories you burn is just an estimate which is still too high because 6 minutes in the life of a couch potato subtract 5 calories so now we are down to 14 calories for a romp in the dead of the night.

However, things are not just that simple because our age, weight, height and gender define how many calories go up in smoke while trying to smoke the other person. It depends on how long the action lasts, how rough you are and how the ride goes, your cardiovascular health, physique and muscle mass and what positions you take.


Moreover, women, of any body composition and age, burn fewer calories than men. It also depends on the stage of their menstrual cycle as some women have a higher metabolic rate during the last half of their menstrual cycle.

So how to have fun and burn calories at the same time? The secret is not to make it a dull job but to do good business with each other. Have fun with your spouse, tease them, play with them and throw in some massages. And, oh – your orgasm matters, the sublime moment burns up to 100 to 200 calories.


Nevertheless, if precision is the key to burn calories, there is a Sex Calculator to properly judge your bed bouncing.

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