Do You Know Women Are Now Cheating As Much As Men?

Pop culture has long been highlighting the male fidelity crises faced by women committed to them. But this time Carrie Underwood has to come up with the other side of the ‘Before He Cheats.’ Recent studies show that the tables have turned or at least both the parties are giving an equal space for cheating each other.

According to the study by Kristen P. Mark and her colleagues at Indiana University, there is an equal inclination of both sexes toward extramarital affairs. Their comprehensive study utilized the data from various survey groups as well as some credible data from adult dating sites. It seems like women are taking the idea of equality very seriously, at least the increased percentage of women declaring infidelity is turning out to be the same as the percentage of men who declare that.

Dating websites, which specialize in finding perfect matches for the person who recently get cheated upon, have also reported the increased number of male members amongst their member’s database indicating that men are being cheated upon at an equal rate as women.




The primary reason so far is the resourcefulness of women as –over the period of time- they have become more aware of their right to be independent and not only financially. It also points towards the changed meaning of marriage nowadays which is not the source of happiness and comfort for the women anymore. Women, nowadays, are demanding a lot from their partner and they are well versed to move on and find the perfect partner if their current partner fails to provide so.

In further studies, the effects of increasing infidelity on account of women has been seen as having least harsh effects as compared to the infidelity from men. Men are more concerned about their marriage so that they are willing to do anything that they want in order to save their marriages. Forgiving their partner for their infidelity just because they are looking at the greater goal of spending the rest of their lives together is something that men are more inclined to the same is confirmed by certified marriage counselors.

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