Light Can Help Men With A Decreased Libido

A recent study has suggested that men who get at least half hour of light each day, have increased testosterone levels, libido and sexual satisfaction.

Light therapy has been around for ages, and is usually meant to treat patients with seasonal depression, yep that’s a thing.

Italian researchers, who conducted the study, observed that men who were exposed to bright light daily for two weeks had an increase in testosterone by 50% and their sexual satisfaction rate tripled.



Study author Dr. Andrea Fagiolini, who is the chairman of both the department of mental health and the school of specialization in psychiatry at the University of Siena, wasn’t surprised with the results. Fagiolini had his faith in the light based experiment as it was deeply inspired by nature.

Similar, studies previously conducted by the team found that testosterone levels and libido increased during summer and spring months. According to Fagiolini, in the northern hemisphere, men typically see their testosterone levels fall off between November and April, before seeing a slow rise during the summer.



And while peak testosterone levels aren’t reached until October, according to Fagiolini the effects of boost of testosterone levels on sexual activity becomes evident as early as the month of June, which according to Fagiolini is the highest month for conception.

The research team said up to 25% of all men suffer from low sexual desire, especially men aged 40 and above particularly vulnerable.


The low libido observed in the 38 Italian men who participated in the study were linked to either hypoactive sexual desire disorder or sexual arousal disorder, sexual disorders which are characterized by lack or absence of sexual desire or sexual fantasies, which can lead to a lot of distress and frustration in an individual.

For the study, half of the men spent 30 minutes first thing in the morning sitting about three feet from a special UV-filtered light box that emitted very bright light. The rest of the participants served as a control group, and were exposed to a very low level of light.

The results showed that while all the men had sexual satisfaction levels at around 2 on a scale of 10, before starting the study, scores among those in the light-box group hit in excess of 6 by the end of the study. This treatment technique also raised the participants’ testosterone levels, up from 2.3 ng/mL to 3.6 ng/mL during the same time frame.



Meanwhile, those in the control group saw no change in their testosterone levels, while sexual satisfaction rose by less than one point.

Fagiolini and his colleagues reported their findings this week at a meeting of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, in Vienna, Austria. He warned that despite the positive results that light-box libido therapy needs to be researched further, particularly involving larger group of participants. Still, he offered a few ideas as to why bright light might increase libido in men with low sexual desires.

According to Faolini, it may have an inhibitory effect on the activity of key testosterone-depressing glands in the brain.

Hence, this might explain the phenomenon of morning wood in some gentlemen, which is a sign that your body is ready to have a good time. Next time if you feel like in the mood for something kinky, just go towards the light.

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