Do Men Really Think About Sex Every 7 Seconds?

Men have been accused of thinking more from their penises rather than their brains. Well, it’s about time they accept the charges, as strong evidence has supported this accusation. According to a fair estimate, after every seven seconds, men tend to think about sex or something related to it.

If we put these figures in a mathematical perspective then we will realize that an average man thinks of sex almost 8000 times during the time when he is awake and while he is sleep the number is little less than infinity.

Sadly, there is not sufficient data to support the claim of a man thinking about sex after every seven seconds. But there are studies according to which men can still be shown as the culprits of thinking about sex more than women do.

A research published in the BMJ utilized data from two books covering the topic of various sexual practices in America. The researchers at Kinsey Institute asked men and women about the number of times they thought about sex generally.

In men, the majority (54%) thought of sex many times a day followed by some (43%) who thought of sex a few times in a week and a very low number (4%) said that they thought of sex once a month. In women, the majority (67%) thought of sex only a few times in a week or even a month while a comparatively small number (19%) thought about sex several times in a day.

But these studies use estimated calculations made by people who were asked these questions out of the blue. If you are asked this question what are the chances that you will be keeping track of sexual thoughts in your mind? If you are a man and you do so then you are a genius!

In order to get the exact idea of how many times men and women think of sex or have sexual thoughts in their heads, the researchers at Ohio State University designed a unique experiment to solve this riddle. They equipped all their participants with tally devices which were to be used to keep track of their thoughts related to sex, food, and sleep.

An average man thought of sex 18 times a day while an average woman thought of food 15 times a day. This sounds like a food for thought, doesn’t it?

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