Men Skip Condoms With Attractive Women

New research shows that the more attractive the female companion, the less likely a man is to wear a condom while having sex. This is similar to a previous study which found that women were less likely to use contraceptives with a man who they considered to be hot, despite them believing that attractive men might have a higher chance of being infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

In the new University of Southampton in England study, the researchers focused on men. 51 straight men completed a survey in which they were asked to rate the level of attractiveness of 20 women in photos on a scale from 0 to 100, 0 being least attractive and 100 being most attractive.




For each woman, the men were asked to indicate on a scale of 0 to 100, how willing they were to have unprotected sex with these women.

Finally, the men were asked to indicate on a scale of 0 to 100 how likely it was that the woman in the photo was carrying an STI.

The man’s perception about his own attractiveness also played a part in how the participants responded to the questionnaire. The more attractive a man considered himself to be, the less probable it was that he would use a condom, according to the results.

The findings suggest sexual behavior is based on emotions and quite illogical when it comes to avoiding infections, as participants were less likely to intend to use a condom with a woman they found more attractive, even if they thought the woman had an STI.




According to the study, conversely the men in the study were more likely to wear a condom when having sex with a woman they thought was less attractive, even if she had a lower risk of being infected by an STI.

Due to such irrational thoughts when it comes to sexual attraction, a more precise approach is needed when educating about sex, contraceptives and STIs. There were shortcomings to the study as a small group of white men were studied, a more biodiverse group might have given varied answers which might have pointed to different sexual preferences when examined for a sex partner.

In essence the study concluded the age old belief: Men indeed think with their penises… at the cost of their own wellbeing, What simpletons.


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