Natural Ways For Migraine Relief

Migraines are mysterious headaches which we think are caused by reasons unknown. But there certainly are reasons which cause migraine and there are ways to relieve the pain.

  1. Green Light And Migraine

One of the many reasons which lead to migraines is called migraine photophobia. It is actually an increased sensitivity to light and can be so severe that sufferers need total darkness to ease the pain and soothe themselves.

A new study has shed light on the fact that all colors of light are not bad for people with photophobia. They found that green light might not be as unsettling as other colors of light.

When the researchers flashed different colors of light at people suffering from migraine, they observed that green light reduced pain intensity while blue and red increased headache and muscle discomfort.
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Dr Carolyn Bernstein, a neurologist at Bringham and Women’s Hospital and assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, says that, “The green light was easier for people to tolerate, and some people even felt better after seeing it.”

If availability of green light seems like a daunting task, there are other home remedies to cure migraine.

  1. Peppermint

Migraines are caused due to the restriction of blood flow to the brain and peppermint oil has an advantage of opening blocked sinuses and relieves headaches.

  1. Basil

Basil oil is known as a muscle relaxant and when applied during a headache, it helps in relaxing muscles and relieves tension.

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  1. Diet

Fitness trainers constantly say that “fitness begins not in the gym but in the kitchen”. Your diet has direct link with all of your organs and systems and poor nutrition decomposes the body parts and causes old age before one’s time. Fatty foods and excessive protein intake are related with headaches and migraines so they have to be avoided, especially during a headache.

  1. Stretching

Tension in muscle fibers can cause migraine, researchers have found. There are a few stretching exercises which can relax muscles and relieve tension, like open mouth stretching, jaw protrusion stretching, neck turn stretching, neck tilt stretching and also with arms held wide open and rotator cuff stretching.

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  1. Childhood trauma linked with migraine

Researchers have found that verbal and physical abuse in childhood is linked to having migraines in adulthood. Parents should take note not to be hard on their children, after all a child’s whole life depends on us adults and the shaping of the next generation is our responsibility.

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