New Way To Order Wine According To Your DNA

Wine for the connoisseur is akin to shades of burgundy for the fashionista. You just can’t have enough of both items. No matter what, there is always something to discuss from the plethora of shades, textures and especially taste. It’s an endless discussion which only the enthusiasts can understand.

When it comes to your love for wine, it seems as if this fondness is ingrained in your DNA and a new wine delivery service named Vinome is targeting just that; to select the most appropriate wine for you based on your DNA.


Vinome promises to deliver “the ultimate personalized wine experience” and they are trying to achieve this with the help of Helix, a company backed by Illumina, the world’s biggest DNA sequencing company.

In turn for 10 genetic variants in your DNA collected from saliva samples, Vinome will select a wine which perfectly matches your temperament and will complement you impeccably. After subjecting your saliva to different analytic techniques, which will calculate nutrition, weight and athletic performance, it will deliver your very own personalized wine.


Even though Vinome claims that this is ‘a little science and a lot of fun’, yet they have faced skepticism from geneticists and health experts who have labelled their mechanism as “unauthentic”.

However, CEO Ronnie Andrews, who has formerly held executive roles at General Electric Healthcare and Roche says, “We wouldn’t risk our reputations to launch something in this space… If we didn’t feel like we had something that was arguably defensible in terms of the science, but more importantly would present an incredible experience and a fun experience.”


It’s almost certain that there are genes which define your taste, maybe there are few which specifically exude your taste in wine, but there is a particular way of drinking, and anyone who orders a vintage bottle of old, finely aged wine has to follow the rules.

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