Peach A Booty Emoji Or A Fruit To Fight Diseases?

With the increasing surge in new and interesting emojis to better fit your texting needs, Apple now seeks to expand its emoji database by designing emojis never seen or heard before. In its iOS 10.1 beta 1, the “innovative” designers over at Apple have slightly turned a peach in such a way that the “line” down its middle gives you the provocative idea of a booty.

Now we are not implying that the peach redesign makes it look like a booty but the redesign actually does make it look like a booty. But does it also look like a peach? Yes, it certainly does look like a peach but it’s not something you would send to your good friend to suggest going down to the new place to eat some peach pie or slurp peach smoothies.

The simple reason: this peach sends signals of some other kind rather than a healthy one which will definitely spoil your delicate friendship. If you do that, we will not tell you “I told you so”.

However, the booty peach has its own uses, namely to send some hidden messages which your mother will not look twice and your father not even once if they decide to check who you’ve been sexting to.

Apple Is Promoting Peach For All The Unhealthy Reasons

This is not the first time one fruit has tried to defame the other fruit. This emoji is receiving a buzz way too far because people in their 30s use it as a booty sign rather than a delicious fruit to fight disease. This “redesigned” peach may look like a booty but it is not a booty, rather it is a fruit brimming with bioactive and phenolic compounds which is everything you need to fight obesity and inflammation.

Peaches are filled with anthocyanins, chlorogenic acids, quercetins and catechins, all of which work together to maintain a healthy booty…. umm…. a healthy body.




Peaches are also a healthy source of the antioxidant vitamin C which is known to combat cancer. The high fiber in peaches is a good fruit to lower the risks of colorectal and breast cancer.

Other health benefits of peaches are for your heart and eyes. It is also beneficial to keep that sugar in control by regulating lipids and insulin.

So keep eating peaches for their many health benefits and forget about looking at them from different “redesigned” angles.

The Reasons This Peach Has A Dark Side

Sexting among teenagers has become a common activity. Sending nude pics or videos or texting dirty nothings has become the norm without them understanding how it’s like a noose slowly tightening around their own necks.

The consequences are many. Sending an inappropriate picture or text to your friend guarantees nothing that tomorrow the sext will not spread in the whole school faster than the speed of light as an act of revenge.

And once the sext becomes public, teens often start experiencing bullying and the noose around your neck literally tightens as in the cases of teens Rehtaeh Parsons and Emilie Olsen who committed suicide due to cyberbullying.

And if you don’t go down that path, it often results in the bitter end of friendships. Peer pressure is brutal and powerful, relationships have been tainted wherever sexting is involved and friends distance themselves once their friend is targeted in fear that they will be bullied too.

In the end, sexting just brings hopelessness, depression and a loss of sense and feelings. The embarrassment, bullying and constant nagging tears even the sanest person apart, all of which can be avoided by thinking twice before acting on whims.

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