Periods Make Women Happiest, Smarter, Hungrier, Shopaholic And Flirtatious

Mood swings can be subtle or terrible depending upon how the body of a woman sustains the stress of menstrual cycle. Mood swings have been a target of many jokes. Like a pendulum that never stops oscillating, they have continued to swing between civilizations. There are other things that women are compelled to do when they are ovulating – the dirty little secrets – that they are not proud of.



Overeating is the most overrated yet somewhat true manifestation of the latter half of menstrual cycle. The main culprits in the mood alteration of women approaching their periods are the hormones. The hormones fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle so does the ability of women to cater instances where mental involvement becomes a dominant concern.

A number of recent studies, including one from Columbia University, noted that the attitude of women towards different scenarios and their general lifestyle during various stages of the menstrual cycle.

The menstrual cycle can be divided into two distinct phases namely the ovulating phase and the preparation for conception followed by shedding of the uterine wall hence marking the first day of periods.




In the first phase, during the ovulation, estrogen levels are at their peak and contribute towards happy thoughts and the women are more likely to develop affairs pertaining to their desire for masculinity. In that period, overspending has also been reported by studies on cosmetics and clothes which points towards the fact that in this phase a woman has to appear most desirable from the rest.

The second phase is governed by looming levels of progesterone which is necessary for the conception and attachment of thenewly made embryo to the uterine wall. Researchers at University of Aberdeen and the University of St Andrews noted that progesterone makes women  resort to the romantic partner for warmth and comfort. Women are least likely to go overboard in any of the instances which are mostly challenged under the influence of estrogen.

A decline in progesterone, however, can make women likely to stray and draw to other men, the scientists found. At the peak of fertility, women are likely to dress up nicely to impress men.

Not just that, women during their fertility have a better brain function. Oh, and they smell gorgeous at the peak of fertility, another study found.

So, in other words declining progesterone levels draw women towards masculinity and higher levels lead them to depression, anxiety, stress eating and inability to carry out activities demanding mental cognition.




It can also be seen as a roller coaster ride of hormones where you are triggered at some stages to go even overboard while the other stages make you resort to your comfort zones more.

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