Revolutionary Smart Bra Will Enable Women To Monitor Heart Health

A startup from Massachusetts Institute of Technology has revolutionized one of the oldest piece of attire, the bra. The startup named Bloomer Tech is developing flexible, washable circuits with sensors to be stitched into the lining of a bra.

The smart bra device will monitor electrocardiogram signals from the heart, in addition to other biometrics, and send data in real time to a woman’s smartphone, as well as to her doctor. The startup aims to provide patients and doctors with more accurate data to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.

Despite heart disease being curable, it is the number one cause of death in the US. This device is a great initiative to safeguard women’s health, since heart disease affects more women than men, on average 1 out of every 3 women’s deaths in the US is attributed to heart disease. Despite such high figures women are not represented to an extent as men are, in cardiovascular health studies.




The magic lies in the patented circuit that the geniuses working at Bloomer Tech developed. The circuit is able to measure cardiac, respiratory and general health figures. These biometrics include: heart rate, changes in heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, oxygen saturation in blood, body temperature, position of the body and movement of the body.

The most crucial part of the circuit however is in its capability to send data in real time, so patients can note down the time and scenario where they felt discomfort or any abnormal symptom, and share it with their physician at the time of their choosing.

The app will also be able to bring push notifications to users to remind them to perform routine activities such as going for a walk if a person has been sitting all day.




The scientists are busy at work developing the prototype and will begin the testing phase in January next year, in a few months’ time. Alicia Chong, who was the brains behind the operation, has stated that users will be able to use any bra with the circuit, they just have to send it to Bloomer Tech.




So wearing a bra will become highly favored even by free spirited women, who feel their sexuality gets caged by wearing a bra. The researchers just have to do careful testing so as the circuit works properly and doesn’t short circuit and send shock to one of the most sensitive areas of a women’s body. Once this gets taken care of, the next step will be fun, choosing one’s favorite pair. Easy right!?

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