Breaking news! The Rio Olympics diving pool is trying to tell us something. Apparently, it’s turned green. What could it possibly be?

Some claim that it might be a dangerous infestation of flesh eating algae, as the diving pool is kept at a relatively warmer temperature which is an optimum environment for the algae to grow in. Just a thought, but I think that’s chlorine. Others are proposing that it may be urine that may have forced the pool to transform into a dirty green. That’s just disgusting.

But, fortunately, all these conspiracy theories have been completely bashed by the positive assurance of the Rio Olympics official Twitter which claims that the water has been critically tested and poses no health risk to any of the athletes.

The officials may have given their stamp of approval but according to several reports, there are dangerous levels of pollutants and floating sewage in Rio’s Guanabara Bay, which have raised the concerns of many. If this turns out to be true that the water may be home to diseases like cholera, Guinea worm disease, typhoid, and dysentery, then it will be a major setback for the already notorious Olympics.

The athletes, whose opinion matters the most in issues like these as they are the one putting their bodies at risk, have removed all concern, reassuring everyone that there is nothing to worry about. “People exaggerate about this; obviously it isn’t great, but it’s not bad either,” said Tom Burton, Australia’s entry in the men’s one-person Laser dinghy class. “I didn’t see any tide lines with garbage on it. The water is fine, I’ve been here a long time and it’s fine,” he further added.