Sex Is Not The Same If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

Some 20% of US women will not have a child at the peak of their reproductive age. The ratio has doubled in the last 40 years; back in 1970s only 10% women didn’t have children in their child bearing age. Millennials, it seems, simply don’t want to procreate.

Recently, we did a short piece covering the research which discovered that millennials don’t like sex as much as their predecessors. We discussed some rather interesting reasons for the predicament. But the trend is clear, more and more young people are not looking to have kids.

But I’m not going to convince you like a mother — how I want you to conceive and how the joys of parenthood await you and so on. Oh no, this article is about something completely different.

Did you know that there are 6.7 million women in the US who have had to face infertility? On average a woman suffers more psychological distress than a man, when she is the one infertile in a relationship.

It is common knowledge that couples having difficulty conceiving face stress, anxiety and depression. And if you think that you can do the ‘when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade’ thing and enjoy the sex, then senior author of the study mentioned above Dr Tami S Rowen of the University of California-San Francisco’s Irene Betty Moore Women’s Hospital, got a newsflash for you: “Sex takes on a really different meaning for people trying to get pregnant.”

Researchers have discovered that sexual enjoyment, for women who are having difficulty conceiving, is severely affected.

Dr Lucia Alves S Lara of Ribeirao Preto Medical School at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, says, “They (women) have greater tendency to classify the marital relationship as bad when the couple fails to conceive.”

The CDC reports that millennials are having problems when conceiving. So where is all this pointing to? Well, if you’re not having children, you might consciously be saving yourself a possible trauma, or you might be subconsciously avoiding a real nightmare.

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