Stress Is Your Worst Enemy If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant

Stress is notoriously known to cause a slow deterioration of the body. It makes your skin unhealthy, gain weight, your hair starts to fall and it ends in chronic diseases. But now there is another reason to keep the stress at bay; it will not let you have a baby.

That is right. A new research carried out by Shekufe Akhter, MS, from the University of Louisville in U.S.A. shows that high levels of stress when a woman is ovulating decreases their chances of becoming pregnant by 40 percent.




The researchers took urine samples from participants while they were ovulating and checked biomarkers for stress while taking lifestyle, behavioral factors such as smoking, caffeine intake, diet, menstrual features, sexual intercourse and contraceptive use into account. The women were observed until they became pregnant or for the entire duration of the study for an average of eight menstrual cycles.

The study also points out that, apart from the chemicals released during stress, a personal and sensitive view of stress can also influence pregnancy.

Dr. Kira Taylor, Ph.D. the corresponding author of the study said in a press release, “Some individuals are skeptical that emotional and psychological attributes may be instrumental in affecting fertility.”

She continues, “[But] I hope the results of this study serve a wake-up call for both physicians and the general public that psychological health and well-being is just as important as other more commonly accepted risk factors.”

The researchers observed that women who became pregnant were also likely to be stressful at the end of the first month. Taylor points that it could be due to two factors; the increased stress was due to changes in hormones or they were stressed out due to taking a home pregnancy test.

So once again we have gained some knowledge about the dangers of stress and also how it stops you from having babies.

Here are the effects of stress on mother and baby during pregnancy

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