Study Says Wearing Bra Makes Your Breasts Saggier

Contrary to what guys would love to belief, being a girl isn’t easy. We certainly take pride in being born with XX chromosomes and this pride will only bury with us the day we die, nothing before that is going to happen. Males! Take note of it!

Tweaking Spiderman’s famous quote “With power, comes great responsibility”, I would say, with the girl power, comes an extra baggage of worries.



We have some 10 to 13 odd years to enjoy our freedom and after that, things begin to get real for us. Yes, keeping up with the “feminism” is tough; it isn’t just about putting on some make up and dazzling with beauty. It is about dealing with our monthly visitor and the pain cramps it brings along. The misery doesn’t end there, but it continues as we try to fit ourselves into the world’s mould of being a “girl”. From the painful sessions of getting our legs waxed to suffocating ourselves in bras for all day long, every single day; we have to pay a heavy price to be accepted by the society as girls.



Raise your hands if after having a long day at work, all you want to do is to get rid of your bra and be in your PJs. I know, we all want that and wearing bra is something we loathe particularly on a hot, humid day.

As we hit puberty, our mommies guided us to wearing them so they hold our breasts up and give our body the desired feminine shape. Oh mom, why did you do that, didn’t we deserve to be free?

Well, tracing back to this imposed rule of living as a girl will only make us sad and that’s the last thing we want to feel at the moment.



But, hold it right there, ladies. What if I tell you that wearing bra that has always been portrayed as the rational thing to do and it has been an integral part of our dressing, we can leave our homes without; is all wrong!

Drum rolls

If you are sick and tired of suffocated your boobs in those cups, you can back your opposition to the norm with a study led by French researchers. The study was conducted at the Center Hospitalier Universitaire, Besancon and results have been gathered across the stretch of 15 years.

This study which has come to our rescue suggests that wearing bra does more harm to you than good. The researchers have nullified the long held believes and said that bra is a false necessity.



The study went on to say that wearing bra makes the breasts saggier, which we had wrongly associated with not wearing a bra for decades. The reason to this finding was led by the weakening of muscles which hold the breasts in place, by consistent confinement with bras. Wearing of bras also leads to back pain in many women, which is likely to be gone by not wearing bra. The breast orientation will improve and you will not feel trapped anymore.

It’s all good, ladies! You can have a bonfire, burn your bras and feast over your freedom.

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