Supplements Are No Good At Enhancing Health And Performance

Enter a gym, any gym, and get ready for a whiff of sweat and the grunt of a gym rat. And now enter the mind of a gym rat: you will find a person who has a lot to gain and no time to lose; a person with all types of equipment to optimize the best workout; a person who will trudge along to the gym two times a day if required and, at the end of a sweaty session, will gulp down a couple of energy drinks, a bottle of whey protein or some other stuff.

Experts say that all those who take a natural diet are far better than those who live on supplements.

You do not want to end up like this man at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany who mixed and drank a couple of supplements before a workout and ended up in a clinic because of a tight chest and an errant heartbeat. Fortunately, the gym was near a clinic and he lived to see another day.

“No surprise, that was a large dose of caffeine in a short time, and it reacted badly,” said Air Force Captain Denise Campbell, who was present at that time.

The man was a victim of “stacking”, says Campbell, a term used when two or more supplements are taken together. The effects might be much stronger or dangerous. It all depends on what supplements and/or over-the-counter medications are being mixed.

Experts at Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) say that micronutrients and vitamins might be OK but when it comes to supplements there is a problem because many of them are not approved for safety and a large number of supplements don’t have the ingredients labeled.

People want to be faster, better and stronger but unapproved drugs contain illicit substances like anabolic steroids. Most athletes are exposed to these products at an early age (due to ease of availability of these products nowadays). These products may temporarily offer enhanced athletic performance but put multiple organ systems at risk down the road.

So whenever you are exposed to such “enhancing” drugs, they should immediately raise a red flag for you.

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