The Destiney Of A Blonde

Marilyn Monroe once said “I like to feel blonde all over”, I don’t know what she meant by that, and fitting well into the stereotype, I don’t think she herself knew what she was talking about. But now scientists have finally cracked Marilyn’s riddle, revealing that being blonde equals dough. Therefore Marilyn’s quote can be deciphered as simply wanting to be filthy rich. Still fits the cliché.

You can get a top notch job by being a woman with blond hair, According to Jennifer Berdahl of the University of British Columbia. The professor writes that they discovered 48 percent of female executives In the 500 companies they followed, turned out be blond.

The aforementioned percentage is astonishing in light of the fact that blondes make up for only 2 percent of the planet’s population. The situation in the other arena of national and international dealings, politics, is equally mind boggling, with more than one third of all female senators being blond.

Jennifer tags four causes to this discrepancy. The first of which is plain racial bias, most blondes are Caucasian, with the second main reason and the most noticeable being their sexiness. The other two reasons are, as pointed out by the professor, the perception that blond women are more “kinder and gentler”, and that blond hair makes one appear young.

Summing up all these explanations, she writes that “preliminary results” of her study suggest that in general, blondes are considered to be less threatening and domineering, and face less of a hassle when being appointed to top jobs.

And seeming almost Contemptuous (Jennifer is a brunette), she remarks “Barbie can be CEO as long as she is young and/or docile, or being blonde might allow her to be older and more forceful than she otherwise could be”.

Economics Bulletin, has a second opinion on the matter. Jay L Zagorsky writes in the journal, crushing the stereotype, that blonde women really do have a higher IQ. In fact, blondes are less likely than other women to be in possession of an extremely low IQ.

But then again Zagorsky admits the two traits are not known to be genetically connected. This researcher says his results hint that blondes are more likely to have their childhoods based in academic setting and so are more likely to be in a habit of reading.

Could Marilyn really have fathomed the depths of her quote? Or was she laughing her way to the top of the industry, not knowing the perks her locks had granted her with?

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