The Factors Controlling Our Sexual Desires

The urge to spend a steamy night with your significant other is strong in everyone. It’s just human nature and we all crave attention, especially in the middle of a quiet, lonely night.

Perhaps it is the stillness of the night which increases our sexual desires as such things are best expressed in solitude. Even though our sexual desires are important to make us feel special, research on what stimulates our sexual desires is pretty limited.



And when it comes to the topic of sexual desire, there are two types of people; men and women, obviously. Men have reported a greater sex drive than women and they also think about it at least 34 times per day. But they also thought about other things like food and sleep more which makes them more driven by need and less by sex.

For men, levels of testosterone in the body is important to determine sexual desire while in women things are not so simple. (Obviously)


There is evidence that women’s sexual desire changes in accordance to their menstrual cycle and the levels of testosterone increases during ovulation, which increases their sexual desire. In addition, single women have a stronger sex drive than those in a relationship.

Age is another factor to consider on the topic of sexual drive. According to experts, we are more prone to sexual dysfunctions as we age, which happens mostly due to emotional problems and medical conditions. Older men are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction and older women are likely to experience difficulty lubricating, which causes pain during sex.



However, ageing is actually synonymous with having your head is something else other than sex because it was found out that due to a different attitude towards sex and intimacy old people may not engage in sex even though they had no sexual problems.

The baseline, sexual satisfaction is important for our relationships and overall wellbeing. Its ok to share your secrets with your significant other.

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