Falling is inevitable. We all fall, from stairs, on road, into water and even in love. But there is another kind of falling, an emotional, psychological and mental one which, in my opinion, is avoidable somehow. We all face challenges in life. Ups and downs, crest and trough majorly come to the path of those who least expect them but possess courage to handle them. What matters is how we deal with them.

Behind our apparent, hard and bossy exterior we all have a pumping heart which is always ready to make associations. It can be anything, from association to favorite pop singer, a lucky charming necklace, any human or to your favorite car. These associations act as a source of courage and hope but there are few who find courage and hope in their own personal secret quote or a self-pleasing mantra that reminds them of their value and credibility.

In simple words a mantra is a sound, word or a quote that aids concentration, boost confidence and feeds our spirit the juice of love, confidence and hope.

Let me tell you a story. The other day, in the Rio Olympics, US women’s gymnastics team member Laurie Hernandez’s stunning performance and belief in her life mantra — I got this — won her team a gold medal. She earned 15.233 on the beam and made it to the gold medal.

Such kinds of associations are more psychological than physical and it only works for those who believe. A sudden confidence boost uplifts you from misery in a blink of an eye. It not only makes everything look easy but also has a good effect on health, as we all know victory brings smile and smiling is healthy.

When life is already complicated, why make it more. Who cares if it is just a word, a quote or lyrics of a song, as long as it is helping, use it.