Babies, the most adorable little critters sent from Heaven above. These creatures of God re-establish our faith in the bonds of humanity. But man, are they whiney and annoying! Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but never satisfied. Always going through a roller coaster of emotions. Let’s take a moment of silence and thank our parents for putting up with our constant annoying for all these years. How do they do it?


The royal family of Britain is loved and adored by all. Looking at pictures of Prince George, we can say that he is the cutest baby in the whole wide world. But we can’t help but think what kind of spoiled and stuck up character he is going to transition into.

Ever closely analyze the relationship between Prince George and his father, the Duke of Cambridge? I bet you haven’t. Because if you did, you would have noticed that Prince William has been completely nailing an easy and effective parenting trick, not practiced by the parents of today.


Whether at Princess Charlotte’s christening, or at a charity polo match, and even with the President of the United States, Prince William had made it a habit of always kneeling down and interacting with his child eye to eye.


Kneeling down and making eye contact serves as a form of body language. It reminds the other person (in this case, Prince George) that what he has to say holds great significance in the eyes of his father, thus contributing to his overall expression of free will. Not only does it get rid of the communication barrier between the two individuals but it also helps to amplify the child’s self-esteem.


A study conducted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science in 2002 revealed that babies were able to remember strangers who previously made eye contact with them. We all can learn a thing or two about parenting from Prince William, who is turning out to be shining example of a model parent.