You wouldn’t know what you have been up to if you are drunk, but there are many among us who fall into this category. While getting drunk might have its charm for certain people, it does not come without its faults. Most times it results in you doing something you will regret later or not doing something that you were supposed to do. In either case, a drunken you is a different person altogether.

But how does one know when to stop? One option is to be gifted with an incredible self-control which, to be honest, most of us lack. Another innovative option, which I’m pretty sure none of you have ever thought of, is to get a tattoo. Yes, you read that right. But worry not since it’s is not a permanent tattoo that we are talking about, but a temporary one which can be your companion only when you want to fill your veins up with booze.

Scientists at the University of California San Diego claim that they have developed an electronic short-term tattoo capable of inducing a drinker to sweat from which it can calculate the blood alcohol level within minutes while the data is sent to a linked smartphone. The creator of this revolutionary tattoo claims that the readings generated are highly accurate. If the tattoo really works, it could also mean the end of painful finger pricks to determine blood alcohol levels or using Breathalyzer.

“Such a device hasn’t been available until now,” says engineering professor Patrick Mercier.

Although other wearable devices by companies like Quartz exist which can determine blood alcohol levels but they are rather heavy, expensive and can take up to hours to give definite results. On the contrary, the tattoo in question is a rather flexible one which makes it easy to stick to the skin, and weighs next to nothing. The tattoo has already been tested on nine people and has given promising result even after being shaken.