Tv Users Are At Risk Of Obesity

A study published in The Journal of Pediatrics, conducted in the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, states that children and adolescents who are obsessive users of smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads, are more likely to develop health conditions like obesity, sleeplessness, physical inactivity and hunger deprivation.

Showing up in front of television and spending more than 5 hours a day isn’t healthy for your health- I am talking to you kids! It has consequences.

Study says that watching television more than 5 hours a day can lead to s behavior that promotes obesity and poor diet among adolescents.

About 8% of U.S adolescents are found to be engaged in their obsession with television and spending more than 5 hours, which is alarmingly unhealthy for adolescents.

Additionally, the study also reported that the rate of obesity, sleep deprivation, and hunger deprivation is high among such kids and this is not it, the consumption rate of sugary drinks is actually double the rate that exists among those who are not crazy screen gazers.

The survey was particularly based on

  • The hours spent in front of smart devices and television
  • Sleep hours on an average school night
  • Number of beverages consumed in last days
  • The rate of physical activity for past 7 days

The findings are scary, though they are not definitely conclusive about the fact that this watching activity is the real game behind obesity but still if we, for a moment switch off the television and think that how sitting in front of T.V in a same posture for hours and do nothing else, could be beneficial at all?

In my opinion, this might lead to much more than obesity like weak sightedness, and if you are repeating your favorite season, you might skip on your meal as well which, in this world, is not a healthy attitude.

At the end, a piece of advice: be a moderate gazer.

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