Dementia is a progressively degenerating disease that is known to steal the memories of all those affected by it. But a recent study, published in the British Medical Journal, has brought an interesting fact into the limelight: that acupuncture may be used as a treatment for dementia as it plays a significant role in the improvement of symptoms of the disease.

Ever wondered why a fully functioning adult, blessed with critical thinking, would voluntarily allow himself to be stabbed multiple times by sharp, pointy needles that can scratch and pierce through the layers of his body. Is this some sort of a fetish that I may be unaware of?

This unorthodox yet distinct technique, which originated in China, has had its roots embedded in the world of medicine for more than 8,000 years now and goes by the name of ‘acupuncture’. The National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health has confirmed that acupuncture can help relieve pain in areas of the body including lower back, neck and knee. It may also help to significantly alleviate frequency of tension and aid in the prevention of mental disorders such as migraines. I bet it doesn’t seem all that sadistic after all!

The study included 568 subjects who were put through two types of studies. The first one compared acupuncture with nimodipine, a calcium blocker that helps in dealing with a gene mutation most commonly associated with dementia. And another one that measured the effect of acupuncture when coupled with nimodipine.

Results unraveled that the patients that actively participated in acupuncture scored better in mini-mental state examination as compared to those who chose nimodipine.

Researchers duly noted the fact that although the study/research was a success, the tests were carried out on a small group of individuals and further testing on larger crowds is required for general public approval.