We Have the Ability To Love More Than We Know

The ‘cuddle hormone’ is one of the best hormones in our bodies. It draws us closer to those we love, in fact so close that sometimes we wish to fuse with them because we can’t imagine a world without them.

There are many other benefits of this hormone which attracts hopeless romantics to each other. It keeps us happy, it makes us optimistic, raises our self-esteem, repairs our body and keeps us warm on cold nights by drawing us together.




There is a reason why even kind words and gentle touches are like electric currents rushing through our veins and makes our hearts beat wildly. The simple reason is that the ‘cuddle hormone’ – known as oxytocin – is higher in our bodies than previously thought.

This heart whelming multi-disciplinary research was carried by Ole Kristian Brandtzæg, a PhD student from the Department of Chemistry in the University of Oslo (UiO), when he found a method to break the bond between proteins and oxytocin.




Previous research on the levels of oxytocin were unreliable so the research group developed a new measuring method to precisely find the amount of oxytocin in the blood.

The researchers found that we contain approximately 100 times more oxytocin than was previously thought. Brandtzæg explains the way they found this out, “Proteins consist of long molecular chains that are folded together in a special three-dimensional structure. Our technique is to “stretch out” the proteins, and this causes them to release the oxytocin.”

When they performed mass spectrometry on blood samples, they found that oxytocin is jam-packed in our blood, ready to commit us to those we love.




This study mean to tell us that we can love 100 times more strongly than what we imagined before. We live in the golden age of peace and comfort and it is far easy to love than those lovers a long time ago who crossed oceans and deserts just for love. It’s just a matter of loving each other wholeheartedly.

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