Sometimes shortcuts work out for you, and other times they can lead you to destruction. The weight loss supplements, it seems, exist in the latter category as they contain substances that can cause life threatening harm to a person. Wait, what?

Yes, recently Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning against these supplements, specifically ‘Citrus Fit’ and ‘Adelgazantes R-II’. Both these supplements were found to contain controlled substances after laboratory tests were conducted. They had sibutramine and its variant desmethylsibutramine which were both were removed from the market by FDA back in 2010. Sibutramine has been known to increase blood pressure as well as pulse rate.

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Counterfeit products and other frauds are posing health risks, particularly in patients who suffer from coronary heart diseases, stroke or congestive heart failure. These controlled substances can also cause life threatening harm to those who mix the supplements with other medications they are taking.

The recent trend in weight loss makes it difficult for FDA to monitor and test all the different supplements and drugs that are produced and distributed over the counter. This trend is further supported by various celebrities who advertise taking diet supplements and even admit to taking weight loss injections, as revealed by singer and songwriter JoJo.

Issuing warning notices against these substances is the first step in protecting people from such harmful drugs. Since these supplements do not mention entirely or clearly the drugs they use on their labels, these hidden ingredients can cause severe damage in someone’s health. Instead of risking your health by drug manufacturers, you should start an exercise routine to keep yourself healthy and fit.