Whiskey Penis is A Killer For Male Libido But What Is It Anyway?

Your sexual appeal is in your hands and so is your libido. What a shame if you flirt and win over that hot girl in the club and when you take her home your body is not in the mood for a good time, just because you had too many weird drinks.

The thing is, alcohol and sex don’t add up at all. You need to be robust and energetic to wooden your manhood and all that whiskey and beer and whatnot you had while trying to look manly, do not help in any way.




We all know that a night out is incomplete without a glass of something in your hand. Without that cool looking glass, you don’t feel in control. Your flirting skills also involve telling that girl what you’re drinking is a 1985Cognac, although you yourself don’t know what that means.

Men view dating as “scoring” more than women do. The harder the girl, the higher the score of the guy who brought her home. “Scoring” the “points” also involves flirting with her friends too, buying drinks for all of them and not looking down when she is talking to you. You score bonus points if you talk with her in fluent French and if she is a Latino, some Spanish will do.




But you score the highest if you can take her home and be good to her and that involves keeping that glass of Cognac in your hands and rarely touching it to your lips.

Research has repeatedly shown that alcohol is not a great sex burner, rather it does the opposite – gives you a whiskey penis. Whiskey penis, as you can guess, is a drowsy friend that refuses to wake up despite coercing and nudging. You get a whiskey penis when you drink alcohol in excessive.




Although drinking in moderation is beneficial for heart health and sex life, it dampens your memory and makes you hazy, making it harder for you to have a good time.

Although, she is going to appreciate if you can unhook the bra with one swift hand, she will also appreciate how much control you had over the cognac and not the other way around.

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