Why Do We Need Sex Education?

Sex education is like driving lessons before driving. A person should know the do’s and don’ts of how to handle the brakes and pedals while keeping an eye out for other cars. But the difference lies in the fact that it takes one person to drive a car but two persons to have sex. And not all follow the rules, landing with a small version of yourself before The Big 20 is quite common if you’re not careful.


All is fare in love and war and so in sex for those looking for a steamy night. But is one night worth the long term implications? Misty Stewart, a sex education instructor at Odessa High School doesn’t think so. Misty who works at Life Center in Texas, an organization that provides alternative to abortion clinics, provides sex education to about 28,000 children so they can avoid sexual encounters for the better good.

Judy Rouse, the director at Life Center, says about their sex-ed programs, ”We stress how much sex interferes with the whole person in particular, especially girls “because the impact of sex on them is greater.”

A report says that almost all Americans have had premarital sex because marriage “proves too long to wait” and is “unrealistic”.


Moreover, teen pregnancy is often cumbersome and problematic. Apparently juggling motherhood, peer pressure and education makes teen mothers do worse in school as only 40% of mothers finish high school while 50% are more likely to repeat a grade, 2% go through college and half of them live in poverty. Their sons are also more likely to face criminal charges and land in prison because of improper parental guidance.

So as Judy Rouse puts it, women suffer the three negative effects of premarital sex; STDs, pregnancy and heartache, and to avoid these, it’s better to wait for “The One”.

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