The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have recently released the photos of Prince George who turned 3 yesterday. Clad in the casual light-blue stripped t-shirt with a dark-stripped pocket paired with jean shorts, the tiny-tot of the prince looked like a resident heartthrob. Pictures of him moving about cheerfully have gone viral since their release, just as everything else from the royal family does. However, there is something unsettling about one of the pictures where the prince is feeding white chocolate ice cream to his pet dog, Lupo. Many people, including the charity RSPCA, are upset and for all the right reasons.

Giving pets human foods, particularly ones that contain cocoa (coffee, tea, chocolate), onions, garlic, raw eggs, raw meat, tobacco and yeast can be dangerous. Dogs have a different metabolism from humans, consumption of such food can give them upset stomach, illness and even death. While Prince George’s photo may be “cute”, it is not encouraging. We need to abstain from feeding “human foods” to pets.

There is a reason we keep pets. Pets teach us compassion, love and care. As we care for them, we evolve into gentler, better and compassionate beings who realize that this world is all about coexisting harmoniously and making choices that do not harm others. Even Prince George, when all grown up, is likely to wrinkle his nose when he’d look back at his photo of unknowingly doing “great injustice” to his pet dog on this third birthday.