Riot, be advised, there’s a new game in town and it’s making mobs lol harder than LOL ever did. Couple that with its reputation as a modern day panacea: Pokémon GO appears as a real game changer. This is not the first time an augmented reality game came out, Niantic Inc, the makers of Pokémon GO, made the game Ingress (an awesomely designed augmented reality game itself) back in 2013.

All those people going out on their mobile phones since July 6 are helping turn the cogs of an augmented reality revolution. Augmented reality (AR) is a technology which creates artificial visual objects atop real environment.

We know that graphic wise, currently Pokémon GO looks like a pale imitation of the AR that we all expect, but that is just how tech works. At first most new technology seems so lame that they’re considered dysfunctional, but with some time (and huge sums of dough) it transforms into something sublime and feels like it has always been there. This big a flux of people is sure to be followed by a sequential flux of money into AR.

But let’s get back to the panacea thing, Pokémon GO has for now lifted the curse of lounging all day. Fortunately, the founder and CEO of Niantic knowingly intended (his Business Insider interview) Pokémon GO to do what fitness apps so miserably fail to do: get you out of the house.

But that’s not necessarily the direction it will head in the future, if most of us prefer AR to confine us to the comfort of a chair then sadly that’s where the cash will flow. The decision is straightforward, will we deliberately entertain AR developers and apps that inspire us to step outside over couch potato farming franchises.