Women Adore “Odor” Of Men With High Levels Of Testosterone

Although most of the times we don’t pay attention to our nose (not if you are Pinocchio), they actually play an important role in choosing our partner and making them choose us. The subtle scents and the hidden signals we send all around is what the other person will analyze and decide if you are better for keeps.

Studies have found that blocking your nose will force your taste buds to shut down and your food will taste bland until you unplug your nose. So it comes as no surprise that the same can be applied to rate attractiveness of other people.




Body odor is a subtle sexual indicator which is released when your body says to the other person that you are ready to win them over. Take for example, the levels of testosterone in your blood. More testosterone makes you look macho and suggests you have a strong immune system making women look at you like a glamourous model, all ready to let you sweep them off their feet.

A University College London, UK, study says that men’s major histocompatibility complex (MHC), a group of genes that effects the immune system, is sniffed out by the sharp senses of women and then they decide if you are a real guy.

All in all, testosterone plays a major role in defining male sex appeal. The research team found out that women, the most fertile in their menstrual cycle, adore the “odor” of men with high levels of testosterone.

There is also plenty of research to suggest that men pick women with the “best of smells.” In another study, men smelt the odor of women and they couldn’t control their excitement and experienced a boost of testosterone in their bodies by the smell if the woman was oozing with fertility, suggesting that ovulation makes a woman more attractive. Seems like a man is finally ready to make some babies!

Attractiveness is a smell, a sight and a sound all rolled up in a discovery to behold. Our armpits are full of scent producing hormones. Our facial hair or body contours show how capable we are. And the deep, manly voice or the soft feminine sweetness adds up to make us men and women ready for some long awaited intimacy.

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  1. Saira Z. says

    What an interesting find and although major histocompatibility complex is widely prevalent in animal species and helps them communicate socially and select the mate, it is a matter of debate in humans.

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