Breaking all the stereotypical, unrealistic and unhealthy standards of body weight and size, women are apparently now more satisfied with their body size and weight. Despite the fact that it took years to reach this state of satisfaction, the good news is that it is finally happening.

Yes, we can all take a deep breath to appreciate this new development of embracing our “true selves” and negating this socio-psychological ailment of being thin, skinny and miserable.


According to the new research analysis put forward at the American Psychological Association’s (APA) 124th Annual Convention, the praise of size zero seems to be deemed as unnecessary. It seems like women have learned to embrace the fact that size does not matter that much after all.

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The APA’s representative Bryan Karazsia, PhD of the College of Wooster, presented a research analysis of more than 250 studies covering more than 100,000 participants over a time period of 31 years — from 1981 to 2012. The researcher found that contrary to men whose dissatisfaction level has not changed over the course of 30 years, women seem to be satisfied with their body size.

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“While women consistently report being more dissatisfied with their bodies than men as far as thinness is concerned, that dissatisfaction has decreased over the 31-year period we studied,” said the presenter.

These current positive socio-cultural shifts can also be attributed to the latest trends of omitting size zero from the fashion industry. Many of the fashion giants have been endorsing a healthy body size than the size weak and bleak — aka size zero.

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One of the famous American models, Ashley Grahams, loves to be known by her curvy body. She is one of the best known American plus-size clothing models and one of the trustworthy faces for #MySwimBody campaign of the New York based brand ‘Swimsuit for All’. Graham publically endorses her plus size and empowers women by sharing her pictures on various social media platforms, which brings new hope for all the women and girls out there.