Women Find Fertile Women As Eye-catching As Men Do

The balance of eroticism has just been tipped and apart from the pleasing horrors of men even women are drawn towards other women too, especially those whose bodies are ready to conceive a small, sweet baby.

The researchers from Chapman University, California asked 21 naturally-cycling women and 12 women on the pill to open up their armpits for smelling purposes to 96 women aged 18 to 40, where’s the eroticism?



48 of the women were heterosexual, 22 were lesbians and 16 were bisexual. However, they had to send one of them home because she had slept with more than 600 people in her lifetime. Perhaps she was too suave for the researchers.

What the researchers found was the wonders worked by ovulation which releases a lovely aroma adored by women. The women who sniffed the swabs taken from armpits rated the scents in terms of pleasantness, intensity and sexiness.



The women rated scents of highly fertile women more than those menstruating, just because a baby wasn’t around the corner.

The authors note, ‘the present findings indicate that, like men, women perceive cues of high fertility in other women as attractive.” They add that it could be, “a mere by product of their shared physiology with men.” Suave once more.

Recent studies have also indicated that fertile women appear more attractive to men as they detect hints to ovulation and ultimately babies.



Now men may find it harder to find a significant other as the rules of the game have changed because of fertile women.

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