Women Who Wear Makeup Earn More – Study Finds

There is a new shortcut for women looking to earn more money and it resides in one of the things women like, makeup! Though this has been contemplated for ages but now it is backed by a study! Besides making women look attractive, it can also help them with a job and earn the same as men because, attractiveness attracts money.


The combined study by Jaclyn Wong and Andrew Penner on 1400 individuals in two separate universities of America provided evidence that looking good can get you the raise you wanted and has a lot to do with earning trust.


They found that attractive people of any gender have a 20% higher chance of earning more money than normal looking people and these finding highlights how attractiveness is judged differently in genders.

The study also confirmed that the workplace is still sexist and a man is not judged on their natural attractiveness and attitude but a woman’s attractiveness is based on her grooming and make-up skills rather than her natural features or personality.


The researchers also encourage women to manage their hair properly and manicure their nails will help them earn more money.

With the ongoing tussle of women versus the world regarding equal pay this study is a win-win for women who are looking to earn their fair share of money on the office floor. Even though this research drops some hints on how to excel more in your career, no one should be dragged down because of looking like a Plain Jane or Boring Harry.

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