Gone are the days when being left-handed was associated with witchcraft and ill-omen, the dark age of oblivion has transposed into an era where left handedness is celebrated.

Yes, you guessed it right, today is 13th August and it is the “International Left Handers Day” where the world celebrates the rare 10% of the entire human population who have an innate ability to perform motor skills related tasks with their left hand. While the right hand has always shown a dominance over left hand, these fraction of people enjoy being unique.

The studies that have investigated into the underlying reasons of left-handedness have not been able to reach a coherent finding. However, it is often said that the likelihood of left-handed parents to have a left-handed child is manifolds higher than their counterparts.

The mystery of left-handedness has long been perplexing. Some say this trait is linked with dominance of right-hemisphere of brain; others contradict and say hemisphere activity does not define handedness.

There are many confounding studies that plug the implications of being left-handed on life expectancy and overall health. Some claim lefties have a higher chance to be met with fatal accidents while others suggest they are more prone to falling prey to neurological disorders.

The world, sometimes, seems to be working on an agenda to scare us off with these threats but we must be resilient against all odds, as we have been well-acquitted to such discriminatory behaviors from centuries.

From ink smudging to failing at handling scissors, from elbowing our ways to eat on a congested dining table to those right-handed school desks we had to sit through till college, we have seen it all.

We cherish being different and these daily struggles are part of our lives which we happily embrace. While, we differ from our right-handed friends, we enjoy standing in the same row of global influencers like President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, and the list goes on and on.

To my fellow lefties, cheers to us for being awesome in our own way.