Did you know that you don’t have to be obese in order to develop fatal diseases associated with obesity? Well, apparently your skinny genes might be keeping you in dark. You could be skinny and yet show all the risks of obesity including fatty liver, high cholesterol and serum triglycerides levels. It seems far from normal but it is true.

Usually obese people have more fat stored in their bodies which kind of makes it obvious that they will develop all fatal metabolic disorders such as diabetes type-2, heart attacks and fatty liver diseases, sooner or later in their lives. But the same could happen to a person who has remained skinny throughout his/her life.

A case in point, as pointed out by The New York Times, Ms Johnson who was skinny with 119 pounds, had diabetes type-2, hypertension, high serum cholesterol levels and a liver buried under layers of fats.

This happens because of a rare form of mutation which makes apparently skinny looking people fat from inside. Scientific evidence from the Journal of Endocrinology calls the condition Lipodystrophy.

Individuals suffering from this metabolic anomaly tend to have only a few fat storing tissues, which makes it hard for body to store those extra calories in the form of fat. This results in all that fat getting stored in other vital organs, causing severe diseases.

Such individuals also lack satiety-inducing hormone leptin that is normally secreted by the fat cells, leaving them hopelessly hungry all the time. With the help of leptin treatment such skinny-obese people can be helped in keeping their hunger under control and tricking their minds into having enough fat. With time the fat from their vital organs also vanishes, keeping their cholesterol levels and glycemic indexes in normal range. Long story short, leptin replacement therapy can help in averting the risky signs and symptoms of obesity related diseases in skinny fellows.