You Have Been Misled About Dental Floss

Personally feel sorry for the dentist Levi Spear Parmly for inventing dental floss which is helping none but few.

For decades, dental floss has universally been touted as the most vital component of the oral hygiene. Something must have changed recently – perhaps increasing awareness on people’s part or a lack of scientific evidence – because the reputation of dental floss is on the decline for a while now. It no longer enjoys the status of being your teeth’s best friend. To put it more correctly, dental floss doesn’t work. You have been misled. Why is it then recommended by the dentists though?

The Freedom of Information Act has demanded that US Department for Health and Services (HHS) provide evidence for their forceful recommendation of daily flossing as a component of oral hygiene.

Guess what, even the HHS has no answer. Because there is no authentic and well-researched study to support what our dentists have been advising us for so long. The worrisome question, however, is what to do if not floss?

Fret not! For oral hygiene and sparkling smile, follow these simple steps:

Interdental brushes are literally outshining normal toothbrushes as they clear not just the outer surface of your teeth but also cleanse what is stuck in-between your teeth. Not everyone can afford it, but if interdental tooth brushing is costing you much, replace it with so called “water picks” along with the brushing. Squirts before brushing will not just remove small chunks of food but also prolong the stay of fluoride layer on your teeth.

Visit your dental expert once a month, let him do his job and make some money out of it. He will bring out of your teeth what you missed. Last but not the least, brush twice a day. Use a fluoride enriched toothpaste, it helps in teeth strengthening and avoiding tooth decay. And don’t forget to smile with your healthy 32.

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