Researchers at Aberdeen University now suggest that shop bought meals might be better for your babies and infants compared to homemade food that you cook. The idea behind the suggestion involves the fact that home prepared meals might have more fats and may be more energy dense than the recommended values given by health agencies, thus making them obese. Such home prepared heavy meals could lead to your child gaining extra weight which could result into obesity further down the line. The results are based on a comparative analysis of 278 ready-made foods with home cooked meals.

obese Child

Though cheap, the self-prepared food had up to 51% more energy, higher salt, carbohydrate, total fats, saturated fats, and protein. However, commercial products, comparatively, provided nearly 7% to 200% more nutrients to the kids.

This is a good news for the baby food market industry in United States which has an estimated total worth of 55 billion US dollars. Organic baby food industry is the driver for more than 20% of this total value. This calls for a serious regulatory framework over the industry as this baby food market plays a truly important role in determining the nutritional profiles of our future generations. So thinks the President of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, Professor Neena Modi.

On the other hand, Professor Julian Hamilton-Shield of Bristol University also raised important questions after the results of the analysis came in, like what does this mean for the expert infant recipe books that claim the benefits of home cooking over already cooked meals available in the market? The cookbook industry is booming in America but the finding seriously damages its prospects. Currently the estimates tell us that 81% of the women who read in United States spend their money on buying cookbooks. So what would you do the next time you want to feed your baby? Use the expensive cookbook? Buy the meal from market? Or prepare your family recipe?