Your Hormones Are Getting Imbalanced With Every Sip Of Sugary Drink

Enter the life of an American teenager. It’s all about shoving sugary drinks such as soda and juice, which account for half of the sugar they drink daily, down their throats. Add a couple of milkshakes, half a dozen cans of energy drinks and a few rounds of donuts and barrel of party beer to complete the picture of the said American.

I can imagine the smirk on the face of a “diet” soda consumer. Sorry to break it up for you but drinking diet soda is no good either. Experts say that the toxic chemicals in it increases the long term dangers of diabetes and heart diseases. It is also a poor choice if you are watching your weight to lose some stones.




It turns out that too much soda doesn’t make you more of a human, rather it assures your partly, if not quick, demise from the joys of the world as the onset of diabetes, fatty liver disease and cardiovascular diseases occurs.

However, this is what doctors tell you after checking you from different angles. What happens inside can be a mess up with your hormones, something very subtle and undetectable from the outside.

In a BioCycle Study involving nearly 260 women, the researchers tested their blood for changes when they consumed energy drinks.




They found that women who drank more than 237ml (1 cup) of sweet soda had a higher level of the sex hormone estrogen compared with women who consumed less soda.

The study suggests that drinking sweetened soda affects girls who have not yet reached sexual maturity by disrupting their ovulatory functions.

This increases another point in the dangers of drinking sugary drinks. In addition, this fluctuation in hormonal levels increases the risks of breast cancer.




Experts say that it’s time to get rid of the sugary drinks and we should extend our hands to towards better drinks like water, coffee or tea which can reduce the risk of obesity.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend no more than 6 ounces of sugar per day for children. This comes to no more than 3-4 glasses of fruit juices per week. The best bet is if you chew fruit instead of drink fruit.

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